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Progress in recruitment by improving the office environment

The idea that matching the working environment with those people and the position they want to recruit is becoming widespread.
The booth-style space which each member can stay in one of the booths would be suitable for engineers who need to concentrate. And the room which can heighten the creativity with a large desk and enough storage for lots of materials would be suitable for creators.
It is also one of the corporate strategies to recruit talented people by understanding the business policy / corporate philosophy with the office space which enable working people generate high performance.

Case  /  For the smile of the "working people" who spend most of their time in the office


A supreme office design creating innovation

To create the environment good in working efficiency, boomerang-shaped desks are used for widen the space per person. The unique desk arrangement create moderate distance among employees and generates adequate communication. And the glass-walled meeting room heightens the creativity of meetings. This is the innovation office where focuses on organizing environment for development to generates wonderful contents and becomes an office where everyone wants to work.


Conceptual office for top engineers

To provide the office space where the engineers who support the own company service can feel comfort and happy and be proud of the working environment. A hammock slung in the relax space. And the wall and columns finished with whiteboard paint are gimmicks for the members so that they can start meeting and write down the ideas on it anytime and anytime and anywhere. The office which adopts the corporate branding firmly with playful mind stimulates the creativity of the members and heighten the performance.


Enhance the corporate brand with consistent design concept

The office planned with concept of "offices where young members eager to work", "offices where member can be proud of working". The entrance of each sites are based around the color fresh blue and white, and designed simple. Each conference rooms have unique characteristic with each concept so that those characteristic become the accent in the consistent design. That contributes much to the motivation of both employees and job applicants.


The creative space engraves that the company values on manufacturing

The request was to engrave their theory that "A company values engineers and manufacturing is a company launches new business" as their culture and appeal that they value technology, engineering, design, manufacturing and etc. in any way. This office is a creative space that engraves those passion. The office design visualizes the company values engineers and be an organ to evoke ideas to people who do manufacture and design.

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Proposal #01

generating office

We believe that it is necessary to create layout which enable to generate synergy by incidental communication. And we think more about the layout of the meeting spaces, the break spaces, and etc., so those spaces can be more effective for the role.

Proposal #02

Progress in recruitment
by improving the
office environment

It is also one of the corporate strategy to recruit talented people by understanding the business policy / corporate philosophy with the office space which enable working people generate high performance.


Proposal #03

Introduce free-address
office system for
space efficiency

It is necessary to expand the office space according to the growth of the company. Also it is necessary to design an efficient layout to reduce the occupied area and the rent.


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