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Introduce free-address office system for space efficiency

It is true that while it is necessary to expand the office space according to the growth of the company, there are growing number of things to consider such as rising rent, cost of office furniture and etc. It is necessary to design an efficient layout considered the space per person and rent.
For example, introducing free-address office system. One of the cases is for the sales section of the production division. Not all the members need their own desk. So the company offer desks for only 70% of the number of the members, they succeed to limit the increase of the office space and the rent.

Case  /  For the smile of the "working people" who spend most of their time in the office


Paperless office, the spaces designed with graphics

This is the paperless office where the amount of documents per person is restricted with digitization, so the cost and number for the storage such as cabinets are reduced. The office space heightens creativity to producing games, produces a creative space seeking authentically-oriented and visualizes corporate philosophy. Additionally, there are creative ideas for producing better products with better environment everywhere, such as the zoning that enables members to communicate each other naturally.


Realize an environment where members can Communicate each other across sections with free-address office system.

Free-address desk system adopted to realize “unity” and make the working environment vitalize communication. To enable workers choose place to work according to their workstyle and feeling and play leading role, we designed several situations such as the bench-type desk seat, the booth-style space and etc. The office generates movement of the members and new encounters inside of the office and has become the knowledge work office which improves productivity.


An innovative office with designed functions, such as a big column used as storage.

Big columns or beams which protrude or dent in the space are usually the obstacles which disturb the view or make dead space. We proposed to use the big askance column which normally would be an obstacle the main part of the design and make it look combined with the meeting table which is the symbol of the meeting room. There are storages besides the columns to make effective use of the space. This office has become unique and functional with strong impact with some designs.

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Proposal #01

generating office

We believe that it is necessary to create layout which enable to generate synergy by incidental communication. And we think more about the layout of the meeting spaces, the break spaces, and etc., so those spaces can be more effective for the role.

Proposal #02

Progress in recruitment
by improving the
office environment

It is also one of the corporate strategy to recruit talented people by understanding the business policy / corporate philosophy with the office space which enable working people generate high performance.


Proposal #03

Introduce free-address
office system for
space efficiency

It is necessary to expand the office space according to the growth of the company. Also it is necessary to design an efficient layout to reduce the occupied area and the rent.


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