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Design Works

THE LOBBY -A Fascinating Office-

The entrance is partitioned with glass walls to emphasize the connection to the conference room. A "fascinating office" which can improve communication and corporate brand images, and offering excitement was realized. With the essence of "omotenashi(the spirit of hospitality) and incidental encounters," produced by hotel lobbies. The park is the space that surrounded the symbolic tree and can be used in various ways such as brief meetings and breaks, according to the needs of each staff. The original benches set in the park can be also used as containers. Additionally, the graphic sheet stuck on the surface of the column in the workspace is finished as a whiteboard. The 10 cm-wide stripes can be used for schedule tables or scales. The effective space of the office has increased by adding design and functions and the office has become a new field of communication.


Client NameVIS co. ltd. Osaka Office  (https://designers-office.jp/)

We develop "Designers' Office Business", which produces office design, renovation , and layout. We produce the solution for every visible things in an office such as space, interior, furniture, graphic, logo, Web, DTP, and etc. in one stop with the idea of "Visual Identity= one of the management strategy called Designer'’s Office".


Tokyo Office


NBF Comodio Shiodome 2F,
2-14-1 Higashi-Shimbashi
Minato-ku, Tokyo
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Mainichi intecio 8F,
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JR Central Towers 22F,
1-1-4, Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
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